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10 Reason's To Own A Log Home!

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CAD Design

Monadnock Log Home Services works with the cutting edge Computer Aided Design (CAD) services on all projects. Simply said, every detail is addressed before one log is milled. This makes for a minimal waste, no on-site cutting and a cost effective log package.  Pre-cut, numbered and lettered logs speed up building time so your home will be weather-tight more quickly.

CAD design is best way to make sure that your floor plan has everything that you want. You can make modifications on paper before costly change orders are needed once construction has begun. Monadnock Log Home Services can take any design that you have and work it into a log package that features the Real Log Homes pattened inter-lock joinery system.   

From the simplest "off the rack" floor plan to the most complex professionally drawn estate, every Real Log Home package has a full set of user friendly blue prints. Elevations, three dimentional views, detailed room-by-room measurements and window and door schedules are all included.  Your first set of plans will be emailed to speed approval times.  This set may be revised to incorporate any new design ideas or last-minute changes.  After all of your revisions have been noted, your final comprehensive set of prints will be prepared.  This final set will be used to build your home.

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