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10 Reason's To Own A Log Home!

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Floor Plans

Here you will find a large selection of some of the most popular Real Log Homes™ brand floor plans. We invite you to browse these standard plans and keep in mind that Monadnock Log Home Services can customize any of these to meet your needs.  You may choose a plan exactly as you see it - however it is quite common to modify or to create a home from your own original design. Monadnock Log Home Services can assist you in selecting or designing a floor plan that meets your specific needs.

Real Log Homes Contemporary Style

The non-symmetrical layouts of today's contemporary log homes feature soaring spaces, large expanses of glass, balconies and private nooks. Sleek and stylish, a contemporary-style log home mixes the best in rustic charm with the sophistication of modern home design.

Real Log Homes Cape Style

CAPE-STYLE HOMES Our most popular home style, the familiar Cape-style home is considered a highly efficient floor plan. Easily accepting future additions, consider this style home if your needs could change over time.

Real Log Homes Ranch Style

RANCH-STYLE HOMES Characterized by strong horizontal layouts, ranch-style homes embody the ease of single floor living with an emphasis on openness and efficient use of space. An added bonus of the ranch-style home is the ease of accommodating cathedral ceilings throughout the home.

Real Log Homes Gambrel Style

GAMBREL-STYLE HOMES At home in the country and often referred to as having a "barn-style" roof, a Gambrel-style home offers substantial second floor living space. Like any other home style, a Gambrel-style house can be designed to accommodate dormers, skylights and interior cathedral areas.